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Syndication - A powerful tool to create a large audience

Our distribution and syndication service allows publishers to easily upload and distribute video content on other sites in the YouPlay network. This enables our publishers and content providers to reach a large audience and increase their ad revenues. We also provide social sharing features in the player which creates viral effects and driving additional traffic to the publisher site.

Content is everything!

YouPlay is the largest Nordic Web TV channel with premium syndicated content. All publishers has access to a world of content from other publishers in the network and from premium content providers such as TT Nyhetsbyrån, Anagram Pocket, KeyTV, Look'n Cook, World Sports.

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A white label solution

YouPlay is fully customizable and gives publishers total control over the design, the content and the functionality of their web TV channel. The customization of the minimalistic and modern YouPlay platform can be done through an intuitive web interface within minutes.

YouPlay features a wide array of video players and video display formats for publishers, enabling the implementation and integration of video content on as many apps, pages and placements as possible. Main player, Single player, Single display, Column display, Triple display, Mobile Display, Video link and a powerful API give publishers unlimited possibilities to customize the video experience for their own needs and users. All video players are based on HTML5, and all players and formats are responsive, working on all devices.


YouPlay is a high performace Online Video Platform (OVP) based on the world’s leading video technology, and designed for the specific needs of YouPlay, such as the unique syndication modell. The OVP supports both video on demand (VOD) and live streaming, transcoding to and streaming from a number of codecs and bitrates including adaptive streaming for the best video experience. Easy two way syndication, YouTube import of playlists and social share functions are some other innovative features of the YouPlay Online Video Platform.

YouPlay is a free of charge, easy to use solution for publishers that offers premium content, players and advertising solution across screens. Through exclusive relationships with 100+ publishers across the Nordics we offer advertisers premium content, high quality video environments and full transparency across desktop, mobile and tablets.

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"We did a thorough review of all video solutions on the market and the deciding factor was the solution that best delivered complete technology and content combined with the player. The user appreciated it directly. Our relationships with PlayAd Media Group are strong and we work with all their products today. What we lacked was WebTV. We chose YouPlay." Jonas Aschbacher, CEO Sportsverige


As an advertiser, your brand wíll be seen, only in premium environments. Your ads will be associated with high quality video content only, with 100% transparency so you know exactly where your ads are running. We also offer advertisers advanced targeting and analytics. If you have a specific campaign requirement, we provide different target options, such as geographic and behavioral. You only pay for 100% completed views, CPV (Cost Per View). We want to make sure that you maximize your ROI.

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